Translation and English language project services

Native to both languages, JMB translates German and English documents promptly and dependably. 

A focus of our work lies in market research, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical areas. International and regionally-based well-known market research companies already trust in our services and expertise. As such, our services span from proof reading and translations to transcriptions and content analyses of individual and group interviews.   

Our translation services also cover web pages. As such, for example, major international, regionally-based writing utensil producers trust in our translations of their German websites into English. 

For our work, we use current and modern word processing and translations tools, such as TRADOS and Wordfast, as well as the transcription software f4 and Express Scribe. 

Courses and seminars

This is a selection of possible seminars and training courses we offer at JMB. 

Ours courses are held by qualified instructors in German, in English, or both, as required. Topics, locations and times can be arranged to meet individual customer needs. 

We can adjust our training and course offers to meet the needs of small or large groups. 

Our course prices are based on location, time required and the group size. Please contact us for detailed course descriptions.

Intercultural communication

  • Intercultural communication: Global communication 3.0

  • Intercultural communication: Fast but not furious

  • Triple plus X: Moderation, conflict management and intercultural communication

Employee leadership:

  • Employee Leadership: Moving on together - Motivation 

  • Employee leadership: Employee discussions 

  • Employee leadership. Lid to pot: Employee assessment and selection processes

  • Employee leadership: Conflict management. Clearing the air

Speaking freely:

  • Speaking freely: Stage fright, so what?

  • Speaking freely: Clear as broth, or “The story of the missing thread of speech and how it was found again” 

  • Speaking freely: Breathing and speaking

Customer communication:

  • Customer Relations: Customer Feedback 

  • Customer Relations: Tell me more, sell me more?


Relocation – a new job in a new country, a foreign language, public offices, banks, a new home or apartment, kindergarten, school, child-care allowance…

We support people who dare to take that step. Especially globally operating companies based in our region appreciate the support their new employees need during relocation.

In close cooperation with Hajduk Managed Relocation Services, Herzogenaurach, Germany, we are happy to help achieve a smooth transition for all parties involved.