Simple and direct: You send me a query, I send you a quote.

Prices are calculated based on:
- Length of source document/audio
- Format of source/target document
- Class/complexity of translated document
- Deadline
- Order volume and frequency
- Attendance/length of seminar/workshop/webinar

Translations / proof reading / transcriptions:
You send me a query by email:
including: service required, length of document/audio, deadline, and attach the text in question, and I will send you a personalized quote, geared to your needs.

Language and speaking performance:
You would like to polish up your language and speaking abilities? Let’s talk about it.

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Speech communication and language coaching:
Have a look at my current program. You need an in-house-coach? No problem. Send me your query and I will send you a customized quote. There is more to talk about than can fit an email? No problem, I’m just a phone call away.

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